Twitter is considering letting users ‘unmention' themselves from tweets


Do you know how you can hide mentions you’re tagged in on Facebook posts? Well, Twitter might soon introduce a similar feature for tweets.

The social network is considering a new way to let you “unmention yourself” from a conversation. It is working on tools that, if they’re released, would allow you to prevent users from mentioning you without the use of blocking or muting. Twitter product designer Dominic Camozzi described the features as “early concepts”, but said they would make it “easier to untag yourself from a tweet or conversation you don’t want to be involved in”.

By unmentioning yourself, you will be able to unlink your handle from a tweet and stop yourself from being tagged in replies. You would also be able to prevent certain users from mentioning you in the future. You could even block any new mentions for a specific number of days. It looks like you’ll be able to dive into tweets and settings to change who can mention you or even pause mentions to “quickly address situations” that have escalated.

We suspect these tools will be useful to those who have had tweets go viral or have been subject to widespread harassment on the platform. The thing is, Camozzi didn’t confirm when these features would launch for users. However, Twitter is actively seeking feedback on its plans.


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