It’s annoying the way that pretty much every single social network will eventually try to become every other social network. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, NextDoor, even those that are ostensibly about something else, like TikTok and LinkedIn: once a feature shows up on one, it’ll show up on the rest. The latest box on the checklist is “reactions,” that collection of little emoji thingies that you can use to reply to a post if you don’t feel like using real words.

Android developer and 9to5Google writer Dylan Roussel posted images of what appears to be Facebook-style reaction emojis hanging out in the official Twitter Android app. It’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect: in addition to the standard favorite or “heart” option, the interface shows the option for a “hmm,” crying, laughing while crying, and clap emoji.

Roussel says that the reactions aren’t fully implemented yet, and so are not visible to the general user. But assuming that the images are genuine (and we have no reason to assume otherwise), you can expect to see the option rolling out to Twitter users before too long. They may or may not be walled behind the Twitter Blue subscription service, because lord knows it needs something to entice people to pay for it.