Twitter shows off ways it might let you tweet to 'trusted friends' only


Do you know how Facebook lets you share posts and photos with specific groups of people? Well, Twitter is considering similar features.

Specifically, the company showed off a few concepts for new features that would allow you to share tweets with specific audiences without having to switch accounts or change privacy settings. The first feature would lt you choose “trusted friends” so that certain tweets would only be visible to those users. This feature, which is not yet available, actually reminds us of Instagram’s “close friends” feature for Stories.

Twitter designer Andrew Courter shared an image of the feature and said that “perhaps you could also see trusted friends’ tweets first” in your timeline, which would offer another way to view others’ tweets beyond the chronological or algorithmic timelines Twitter now offers users.

The second feature Twitter is considering would allow you to show different “facets” yourself to different people – all from the same account. For example, you could have a professional Twitter where you tweet about appropriate, work-related things, or you could have one for friends and family. According to what Courter shared, you could make any one of these public or private, and your followers choose which they want to see.

Courter also a way users could filter replies by choosing words or phrases “they prefer not to see”. If a user replies or mentions you with one of those words or phrases, Twitter will notify them that it goes against your wishes. The feature wouldn’t stop them from sending the tweet, but it would hide it for you.

Courter said Twitter is “not building these yet”, but it is seeking feedback.


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