Verizon made a version of spatial audio that promises universal support


It looks like wireless carriers want to join the spatial audio trend. 

Verizon has announced what it calls “Verizon Adaptive Sound”. It’s a sound technology it’s been working on since 2019 that “produces a brilliant spatial surround experience regardless of what headphone, soundbar, or earbud brand you use or what application you’re watching or listening to”.

Verizon Adaptive Sound is debuting on Motorola phones. The Motorola One 5G UW Ace, which launches 8 July 2021 in the US, is set to get the sound feature, and even the Motorola Edge Plus has received a firmware update that reportedly added it. Verizon Adaptive Sound can be found in the settings menu on supported Android devices in the sound section – where you can play with several sliders to adjust treble, bass, voice enhancement, and spatial surround sound.

And, yes, it can be toggled off or on, depending on your preference.

Verizon is really hammering home that other premium sound experiences, such as ones from Apple and Sony, are limited to expensive devices or a selection of content, but not Verizon Adaptive Sound. “We wanted to change that”, a company spokesperson explained in a statement. Verizon Adaptive Sound is part software, part cloud-based solution, the spokesperson added, without providing more specifics about how it compares to rival spatial audio features.

All we know so far is that Verizon is promising universal support for hardware and streaming services and that it’s coming to Motorola devices first. It will eventually come to a “broader portfolio of new devices in the future, as well as some existing devices” via an over-the-air software update.


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