Waze adds cat and dog navigation voices and icons


When the Ferrari icon just isn’t cutting it anymore and your Waze social status needs an update just in time for a summer road trip, Waze has your back. It has introduced two new icons to remind you about what’s most important in our lives: our furry friends.

Only available for a limited time, the pet themes offer not only an icon but also voices that encompass the personalities of our favourite pets.

There’s the ‘Meow Mobile’, which is predictably dubious and cheeky – apparently jumpy too, which might not be great for driving. Then there’s the ‘Woof Wagon’, whose voice is upbeat and excited.

We wonder which people will choose – are more of its users dog people or cat people? Will having a dog in the car help dictate the choice, giving cats a significant disadvantage? Or, because the cat is left at home, does it mean users will choose the cat to take along with them, if only in spirit? Only time will tell.

Waze was always a viable alternative to Google’s map service with the caveat that it was user-generated. All the warnings and traffic information was based on other users’ data and reports. Because of this, it offers some interesting features, like a warning of objects in the road, and dare we say alerts about sneaky police that could be checking for unlawfully speedy drivers.

Have a look at our tips and tricks for Waze if you fancy swapping over for the cute critter icons instead of the Google dot.


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