Xbox Design Lab returns – Xbox Series X/S users can now customise their own controller


Xbox Design Lab has returned for the new generation of Microsoft consoles, meaning Series X and Series S users can get their hands on fully customised controllers.

Design Lab first debuted back in 2016 for the Xbox One generation before closing in September 2020, as the company shifted towards a new controller for the Series X/S. 

The re-opening was announced during the Xbox Game Showcase Extended, which is essentially Microsoft’s own little E3 afterparty. And, just like before, the system will allow users to customise their controller completely, with options to mix up the colour of the front, back, bumpers, triggers, joysticks, D-pad and ABXY buttons.

There are also a few new colour options to select during your quest to design the ultimate controller, such as Electric Volt, Shock Blue and Pulse Red – all of which have been featured as all-over controller designs for the new generation.

These additions mean there are now a total of 18 to pick between, with most also being eco-friendly, having been produced with recycled resins from things like water bottles or headlights. Customers can also engrave the front of the controller.

Interestingly, Director of Xbox product marketing Navin Kumar also mentioned during the showcase that Design Lab is just the start of customisation for the company, and that it plans additional options further down the line. 

Whether that means more elaborate design for controllers, or perhaps even customised consoles, naturally remains to be seen. 

What we do know is that an Xbox Wireless Controller customised through Design Lab will set you back $69.99 (with an extra $9.99 for engravings), with orders able to be placed in the US, Canada and “most European countries” and shipping within a few weeks.

At the time of writing, we weren’t able to access the UK Design Lab page and order our own controller, but we’ll be checking back to confirm availability and pricing soon.


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