You’ll still kill 726 people if you try your best not to murder anyone in GTA 5 •


And it turns out Franklin is the most bloodthirsty. 

Even if you play GTA 5 as a complete goody two-shoes, you’ll still murder over 700 people.

This astonishing fact comes courtesy of Redditor TK-576 (thanks, PCGN), who calculated the tally by totting up every necessary kill in the game.

According to the calcuation, you’ll kill at least 726 people by the time your adventure is up, with Franklin racking up 295 executions, Trevor taking down 258 foes, and Michael a paltry 172 kills. The threesome also worked together to dispatch of one other character together, too.

The final body count was determined with a fully-recorded playthrough that saw the players choose stealth whenever they could, flight instead of fight, and navigate the streets of Los Santos running over a single unsuspecting pedestrian. There’s even a chapter-by-chapter tally included, too (final story mission The Third Play is the bloodiest).

If you somehow haven’t tried out Grand Theft Auto 5 yet, another opportunity to take it for a spin has arrived, as the game has once again joined Xbox Game Pass.

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As announced on Xbox Wire, GTA 5 arrived on 8th April. This isn’t the first time the game has joined the subscription service: it was available between January and May last year, before it was replaced by Red Dead Redemption 2.


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